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 Ginger Mcafee/Patent Pending

The NEW Handi-Stripper is a hand stripping tool that a friend and I designed and Jim constructs in his workshop. It works very well for finishing touches and reaching smaller areas. Great for shoulder work. The handle is shaped to fit any size hand and the tool is developed to grab and hold the hair as you pull. You use it like a stripping knife. (Patent pending)

Call for more information and pricing. Tel: 931-858-4790

It is hard to find a groomer that really knows how to groom a Scottie. They come home looking like they have a Hoola Skirt, or their tail has a flag or pom pom. Perhaps you would like to learn to groom your Scottie at home, Jacki Forkel has developed a great web site to show step by step how to groom a pet Scottie.
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